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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Why I Should Never Dye My Hair Blonde

So, not so terribly long ago, I helped Sarah pack and move. (She has posted quite a bit about this, whereas I have posted very little about anything at all, to the point where I let my birthday go by without the briefest mention. Such is life.)

Now Sarah found many strange and interesting things in little hidden corners of the old apartment, one of which was a wig. A blonde wig. A short, cute little bob of a blonde wig.

Which I, of course, promptly put on my head and wore for long periods of time while helping to pack boxes. It was very hot and humid during the day-of-packing, and wearing a wig, I discovered, was much like having a big woolen hat on your head -- except it's rather more fun, and causes a much more entertaining reaction from unsuspecting friends.

"You know," I said, after seeing myself in the mirror, "wearing this wig makes me want to make this face." And I demonstrated.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Random Conversation of the Day

Person: I could see you being a really good advice columnist.

Me: Nah. All my advice would boil down to "Stop being a dumbass."

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Thursday, June 01, 2006
(Because "Anthooooology!" doesn't sound quite as fun)

Just got an email from Chris at BakkaPhoenix – they have Children of Magic in stock!! This has made a very frantic, very confused, very busy day much happier.

Book! With my story!! In stores!! (Really, this never gets old. Does it? I hope not.)

Anyway, in celebration, I’m finally going to post a copy of a starred review that the book received in Publisher’s Weekly (and which I’ve been keeping quiet about for way, way too long, as far as I’m concerned):

Seventeen original stories about young people learning to use magical
powers, both in fantasy worlds and our own, come together in this strong
anthology featuring such writers as Alan Dean Foster, Nancy Holder, Jane
Lindskold and Nina Kiriki Hoffman. Unlike most theme anthologies, almost all
the contributors make good on the premise. Standouts include “Touching
Faith” by Alexander B. Potter, in which an odd little boy investigates TV
faith healing and brain scans as he attempts to come to grips with his gift;
“An End To All Things,” Karina Sumner-Smith’s eerie revelation of a world of
both dark and bright magic; “After School Specials” by Tanya Huff, a hip,
funny look at contemporary wizardry; Sarah A Hoyt’s “Titan,” a twisted tale
of a young Leonardo da Vinci; and a darker glimpse of an alternate
Renaissance Italy in Fiona Patton’s “The Trade.” Strong writing, a love for
the topic and a commitment to crafting short fiction that works make this
collection a real gem.

I can’t wait to see it – though I hope that the cover is less frightening in person than the picture on Amazon would suggest. When I showed Carly that image, it made her scream. New tagline: Children of Magic are coming to get you!

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