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Friday, February 14, 2003
A Chicken for a Cynical Valentine

Ah, Valentine's Day. Not a big day for me. It's never been of interest to me when I'm in a relationship, and it's of no interest to me when I'm not dating anyone, either. I think I'm too cynical, either way.

It was funny to walk around the grocery store today, though, and see the men of all ages scrambling for last minute gifts. They clustered around the flower counter, picking through the roses and carnations. They were two-deep around the "to my wife" section of the card display. They had this sort of look that they gave each other, too, like they were in a club and were all reluctant members. Gave me a good giggle.

I did get a Valentine's Day present, though: a chicken! A real, live charity chicken that will be sent to people in El Salvador. I have a lovely certificate for it and everything. It's funny and helps others: sounds like a great gift to me!

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