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Sunday, February 23, 2003

There is snow here. Much snow. Much, much snow. It’s bending and breaking tree branches. It’s covering the roads, the driveways, the houses. It tries to bury my little dog when she goes outside to pee.

I may not be Marissa, who lusts after the cold and ice (and wet feet and slippery roads...), but I do admit that at times winter can be absolutely gorgeous. The snow drifts along the side of the roads are wind-sculpted into waves. Everything seems white and blinding, except for shadows, which are soft and blue.

Sometimes, even snow can make me happy--when I’m curled up inside, with a warm blanket on my lap as the vents pump out hot air. It’s only when I think about walking to class tomorrow at a little after eight in the morning that I start to have difficulties...

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