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Thursday, March 13, 2003
Ad Astra Advertising

The schedule is out! On Sunday, March 23rd at 2:00, I'll be taking part in the panel discussion "Breaking into Print." Come see me, Sarah, and some names-yet-to-be-disclosed-to-me famous people talk about the struggle to see one's work published as a new and virtually unknown author. Will I have anything to say except, "Keep trying and good luck"? Will I make a fool of myself? Will I disclose my top secret plan for becoming a world-famous author? Find out all this and more at Ad Astra!

Yes, rumour has it that the exciting "Breaking into Print" panel is running at the same time as Tanya Huff's panel and the Farscape panel. Rumour also has it that all the cool kids will be coming to "Breaking into Print."

Also, if you're in Toronto but don't want to spend money to attend the con, there will be an open house. Admission to the con will be free from 10-1 on Saturday. However, be aware that at 10:03 (there's a two minute grace period to acknowledge the fact that few people set their watches by the atomic clock) all non-paying con goers will be herded from the hotel with sharpened sticks. Unless, of course, they promise to stick around until Sunday to see my panel.

There is also a rumour that I have decided to do away with the hyphen in my last name, thus becoming Karina SumnerSmith. This rumour is supported by my Ad Astra bio, which writes my name this way not once, but twice. This rumour, I'm afraid, is unfounded because I feel that the lack of a hyphen makes my name look odd and/or pretentious. And as I am not (yet) a writer who wears a beret and dresses all in black (despite Phil's encouragement), pretentiousness is not something I'm trying to cultivate. Sorry.

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