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Thursday, March 27, 2003
Back at the con, I picked up my con badge. It was green! This gave me more pleasure than I should admit to. Yes, I had a cool, green panelist badge. I felt so very special.

Tagging along with Sarah, we met up with Julie Czerneda (woo!) and Janet, Lance, Ruth, Dan, Lara, and Erin, people who frequent Julie's newsgroup. Sarah had told me to say hello on the newsgroup some time before, promising that the people there were welcoming and fun. I believed her, and said a few things there, though was rather reserved, as I always am around people I don't know, even online. Needless to say, I wasn't sure how people would act towards me, and was a wee bit nervous. My fears, however, were completely unfounded. People were welcoming and fun, just as Sarah promised.

It was interesting, though, meeting people that I only knew (and then only just) through the internet, having never seen pictures of them before. I never have any idea what people will look like, so whatever I see is a surprise. (With some exceptions, of course. I don't think I'll be that surprised when I meet Marissa, for example, because I've certainly talked to her before and have seen a picture or two hundred.)

Friday night was Jason Taniguchi's show. I did not know what this was. All I'd heard were rumours and announcements. "Jason Taniguchi's show is on Friday this year, not Saturday! Come early! You don't want to miss out!" The con booklet described it as a musical version of Attack of the Clones. I was wary.

However, by the time he got out a roll of paper towels to do the "In a galaxy far, far away…" sequence, I knew I was in for something pretty damn funny. I don't think I've laughed that hard for that long in years. He made everything that I disliked about the movie into jokes, and added eeevil political commentary and Sound of Music songs. "The force is nutty … with a slightly fruity aftertaste," became the ongoing joke of the con. My stomach and ribs ached from laughing for what seemed like hours.

We visited the con suite somewhat briefly, but went to bed "early." I think I got maybe six hours of sleep that night. What luxury!

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