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Wednesday, March 05, 2003
Freewritten: Yearning for Simplicity

I am suddenly tired of cleverness. Tired of surreal not-stories masquerading as entertainment. Tired of moments that have no resonance, scenes that do not connect, wires that snap, phone lines that are dead. How can I connect in this emptiness? I cannot polish words to that gleam. I do not want fiction in museums.

And yet their words still my hand, and their cleverness chokes my eyes, and I am not writing, but writing, and not writing evermore, forevermore, addingmorewordstoevermore. Seeing how long it can get.

Days like this I wish for simplicity. The joy of ignorance, the flowing bliss of simplicity that is truly just that.

I want to read a story that makes me cry.

I want to write one.

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