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Sunday, March 02, 2003
It got me. I guess I knew it had to happen sometime. It seemed that everyone around me at school was getting sick, or was sick, or was trying to recover from being sick. And if someone was healthy, they sure knew a whole lot of people who weren't. What's more, three of the six of us in that suite (guess which three?) were sick all last week, which I actually enjoyed because of the resulting silence for most of the time. People who are headachy and coughing seem to have less desire to watch TV at 2 in the morning.

But now I've got it, a lovely cold that's making me feel perfectly miserable. Well, I suppose it was inevitable. I mean, how could I go all winter without getting a cold? I was, for me, ridiculously healthy, and it had to end some time.

(And yes, even though it's now March it's still winter. Right now the temperature is hovering somewhere just above zero, making things melt sluggishly, but the forecast says it's going down to -24 tonight, and tomorrow's high is supposed to be -12. Hopefully with a wind. Ah, lovely weather.)

So bring on the Tylenol Cold, or the Dristan, or maybe even that lovely Extra-Strength Sudafed Cough and Cold (which is strong enough to virtually eliminate all cold symptoms for great lengths of time, but which also builds up in my body until I become mildly loopy. … Okay, "mildly" isn't the word.) I'm going to need it.

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