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Tuesday, March 18, 2003
News, Etc.

So, the sort-of new news in Karina-land is that I'm going to be on two panels at Ad Astra this weekend. My new addition is Creating a Religion, Sunday at 10 AM. More opportunities to make a fool of myself! Or, rather, more opportunities to impress people, make some pithy and/or sarcastic comments, and have fun. And maybe curl up into a little ball from nervousness.

As for the bigger news, the news of war and the world at large, for now I will say only this: I am not surprised. I am not pleased. I am sure that this will not end well. The only "positive" thing that I can say, really, is that Canada refuses to be involved. Thank the lord (and Chretien for actually having a spine). I want absolutely nothing to do with this.

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