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Thursday, March 27, 2003
Saturday and consciousness came about an hour before I was expecting--woken at 7 with a wake-up call instead of 8 with the alarm. Oh well, who sleeps at cons anyway?

In the morning, I went to panels. First up was Julie and David Brin's panel on SF in the classroom, which was entertaining even for us non-teacher types. I collected material for my mother instead, who is not only a teacher but also a David Brin fan (and soon to be a Julie Czerneda fan, if I have anything to do with it). I'd hoped to get Lindy's book signed for her, but I'd forgotten to bring it downstairs, so talked to David Brin instead and told him that I'd have to track him down later for his signature. I'd hoped to buy copies of the Wonder Zone books, but there were none to be had, so no deal.

After that it was standing-room-only in the "what's coming up on Space" panel. I discovered what's coming up on Space. Then it was off to the launch of the new Wonder Zone book Orbiter, where I drank some very excellent punch and talked to some very excellent authors. I'd hoped to buy copies of Wonder Zone books, but there were still none to be had, so no deal. David Brin showed up, but I still didn't have Lindy's book with me, so I figured I'd have to track him down later for his signature.

Things after that are a bit of a blur. I had lunch with a fairly large group of people, which was a lot of fun. I broke the trend, though, by being the first one to not order a tuna sandwich. In my defense, I thought about ordering a tuna sandwich, but knew I'd end up wasting half of it (was not hungry) and so had a sausage roll instead. We returned to the hotel, where I discovered that I'd missed David Brin's reading and signing. Damn! I thought. I'll have to track him down later for his signature.

I did start tracking down other authors, though, and begging them for signatures like the geeky fangirl I am. Had Julie and James Alan Gardner to sign books for me--woohoo! And somewhere in there I went to the dealer's room, which is always entertaining.

I finally found time to go visit the art show--only to be greeted with the announcement, "Two minutes until the auction closes! You have two minutes left!" Argh! I'd wanted to buy something! I started to run around the room in a desperate hurry, but was ushered out of the room in (you guessed it) two minutes. Too late. (Damn!) I felt like a moron for not visiting sooner.

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