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Sunday, April 06, 2003
Lazing and After

My body has decided that since school has officially ended, it can go into recovery mode. Meaning, of course, that doing anything but lying around is something of an effort. Still, I'm making that effort simply because I'm not finished yet. One week to go; body don't fail me now!

I did spend a lovely day yesterday doing pretty much nothing at all. I started reading Ash: A Secret History by Mary Gentle, which Bryn recommended to me a while ago. This is medieval fantasy with all the blood and grit left in. Despite Gentle's tendency to flip in to the present tense for a sentence or two every few pages (and this is done in such a way that I'm sure it's intentional, though it's rather distracting), I'm enjoying the book. I'm also enjoying the freedom I have to read a book without feeling (too) guilty. Ah, lovely.

Today, I decided that I'd done enough lazing; after all, I don't want to let recovery mode get the best of me. The plan had been to make mint Nanaimo bars, but I changed my mind at the last minute and made banana chocolate chip muffins instead. (Would be a shame to waste those bananas after all.) And then, deciding that I'd been too sedentary of late, I decided to go nail down some flooring. Who needs weight lifting when you have a hammer? (Course, with weight lifting, there's less of a change of pounding your thumb into plywood. Win some, lose someā€¦)

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