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Tuesday, April 15, 2003
More Good Story News
(or, With Titles Like These, Who Needs Creativity?)

The marketing side of my writing career has been wonderful these past few months (which I believe is helping me get my writing out of its sinkhole of unpleasantness). Two sales so far this year, one to Strange Horizons and one to Flytrap (TOC is out now--go see!), both sales stories that I love. Now, more good news! (Actually, I've been sitting on this one for a bit, but M'ris says it's okay now, so…)

The anthology Why I Hate Aliens, edited by friend and kick-ass writer Marissa Lingen, has found itself a new home: Jintsu! Woohoo!! That means that my short story "Marks of Ownership" (which I still mentally think of as "Lupaecalia" despite the fact that that title sucks rocks) will be published and read. I'm really happy that Marissa sold the book to Jintsu. In my days of reading and reviewing ebooks for Speculon, I saw some very interesting e-texts. There are some pretty piss-poor ebooks out there, people. And, worse, sometimes good writers had good stories published by crap publishers. There were few things so frustrating as trying to read an excellent story while wading through stupid errors. None of the Jintsu books I read ever had those sorts of problems. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and professionalism of Raechel Henderson Moon's books--and now I'll have a story in one of them! Cool!

(And so you all know, no, I gain nothing out of praising Jintsu. I've spoken to Raechel a very few times, and she's only ever rejected my work. Hehe.)

And speaking of which, I realize that though I had and read a reviewer's copy of Ken Wharton's Boltzman's Ghost, my review never read by anyone but me. Which is a pity, because I really loved the story. Intelligent, fast-paced, with some of the coolest ideas that I've yet read. I read lots of things that I forget in a few weeks or months--this one has stayed with me. Definitely worth your $3, people.

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