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Monday, April 21, 2003
Pie and Power Tools

I hope everyone has had a good long weekend. I've had a lovely time, though a very busy one.

These past few days I've been helping renovate a bathroom. Yes, the vacuum sander and I eventually worked out our differences--mainly after I changed the paper and stopped it from gouging the plaster. Once I got past the sanding, I've actually been having a pretty fun time with this. (Power tools--woohoo!) I am the Drill Girl, and Jigsaw Girl, and Girl Who Measures Stuff.

This morning I installed a sink. This was highly entertaining. And because of my perfectionist streak, I spent a good long while making sure that the caulking on the countertop and around the sink was done just so. After which I abandoned my power tools and went and baked a lemon meringue pie.

We had most of my family over for Easter dinner, which was fun and hectic, as always. A few people in my extended family had colds, so now I can only wash my hands, take vitamin C and hope for the best. Busy morning, busy afternoon and busy evening--and tomorrow at noon is my last exam. I've done a good ... oh, forty minutes of studying. That seems good to me. Now to take my tired self off to bed. Wish me luck tomorrow at York--and with luck, it'll be the last time I have to go there for a few months!

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