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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Happy my birthday, everyone! And happy my brother's birthday, too.

Been having a lovely birthday so far. It's mostly sunny right now, and rather warm; we've had some clouds and some rain, just to keep things interesting. I was taken out to have "lunch"--really it was all just dessert, and marvelous dessert at that. And I have gifts, lovely gifts! I have a cordless drill now, which is charging, and many other excellent tools. I have a hammer, and a wrench, and pliers! Woo! And pretty earrings! And gift certificates to buy books! I am a happy girl.

I'm feeling much better, too, so that's most excellent. Thursday was the day where I was feeling the worst; I basically spent most of the day in a semi-prone position, unable to turn my head, making small whimpers of pain whenever I tried to move. Not too fun, but I did find the time to watch X-Men. The first one. I'd never really watched the whole thing, and now I have.

Friday I started to look for a car. I've test driven an Echo, a Corolla and a Focus so far. I really liked the Echo--Toyota's Tercel replacement, how appropriate--but since the oldest used Echo you can find was made in 2000 ... well, they're a couple of thousand dollars too expensive. The Focuses (Foci) were interesting, and though I rather like the hatchback version, somehow they just don't grab me. Who knows, maybe I'll find my Focus and everything will be wonderful but at this point ... no, don't think so. The Corolla was good, if not terribly exciting. Bit bigger than a Tercel, but drives nicely, got a bit more kick to it. The one I drove was definitely not my car, but I like the idea of a Corolla as a concept. I'll have to see who I meet out in the used car lots. Only problem with Corollas really is that about 90% of them seem to be that terrible nothing colour of beige or tan or sand or whatever it is they want to call it. I call it ugly.

Also went on Friday to Woodbine Racetrack for the first time in my life, and was betting on the ponies! I had a lot of fun, actually, and had a rather lucky streak for a while there. I stuck with $2 bets, and think I broke even for the night, if not gained a few dollars. It's hard to tell. I have a lot of change.

When I first arrived, I opened the book up randomly and looked at the horses running in race seven, I believe it was. My eyes hit upon a horse whose name was one letter away from being the name of the protagonist for one of my concepts-in-progress. "That horse," I said, "is going to win." And I bet that he would win, and he totally did. Is this a sign? Unlikely. Can I pretend it is? You'd better believe it!

Today, I plan on doing a bit more lounging, a bit more story planning ... a bit of whatever I feel like. It is, after all, my birthday.

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