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Monday, May 05, 2003
Oh, sweet lord I'm tired. It's almost a good sort of tired, though. My muscles all ache, but I earned those aches. Plus, I got to say "I'll vacuum the roof!" for the first time in my life. (And yes, I do actually mean the roof of the house, and yes, I did vacuum it. It was covered with paint flakes from all the window-ledge scraping I'd done earlier in the day.)

Went running, too. I ran so slowly that I'm sure a grown man could have walked faster. Still. Running. Lengthened my course again, too. I actually timed my run yesterday and found it more like 6 minutes, not 7. Still, with the longer course and the incredibly slow run, I've definitely hit 7 minutes now, if not more. Progress! (Ow, my legs.)

Just a few more things to clean and sort and put away, and then I can go to bed.

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