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Friday, May 16, 2003
Too Much to Say

I'm home. Have been for over 24 hours, but it's only now that I feel coherent enough to say anything. Not that I can really even begin to talk about this trip, but...

I had a wonderful time in Florida. I love my friends, I love the Florida weather, I love the ocean--many, many good things about this visit. I could stay there for much longer than I have, and perhaps after graduation I will. Now don't get me wrong--I'm a Canadian gal through and through. But I could masquerade as a Floridian gal for a good few months, at the very least.

Despite my current sleepiness (due mainly to the 3-and-a-bit hours of sleep that was my night's rest yesterday), I have come home feeling inspired, energized, ready to start new projects and finish old ones, and generally make things happen. I did a whole lot of work on "A Last Taste of Sweetness" and Susan told me exactly what I needed to know to make this one work, so a bit more editing and revising and this one should be ready to head out the door. I'm pondering a fun new collab with Marissa, which should be my first real collaboration, ever. Very cool. And I have a few new story ideas that are quietly poking for some attention, and larger ideas that keep bubbling away, and the clarity now to realize that I should stop bogging myself down in negativity and anxiety and just get going, already.

Found a rejection from Absolute Magnitude in the mailbox when I got home, but it was next to my contract and cheque from Strange Horizons. Things are most definitely looking up.

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