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Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Well, there are positives and negatives to this journalling format. The upside is that I can post things spontaneously, speak about what's on my mind right in the moment instead of storing up thoughts until I have enough to write a full entry. The downside is that I can post things spontaneously, etc., etc.

Had a frustrating time this afternoon, though I'm feeling better now. Sometimes it just seems that there always has to be someone saying that what I'm doing won't work out, that I can't make it work, that I'm just not that kind of person or what have you. People who love me and are genuinely trying to help me. And most of the time I can deal with these things. Other times I just hear one comment too many that I can interpret as criticism and that's just it.

Doesn't help that it was pouring with rain all day.

We have leaves now, though. Leaves! Seeing leaves in Florida is a totally different thing from having leaves here. I don't know if it's merely the contrast of bare to growing, but damn, it sure is green here all of a sudden.

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