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Tuesday, June 03, 2003
At Least the Bananas Won't Kick My Ass

I have spent most of today baking. When I was in the grocery store not too long ago, I found a big shopping cart full of bags of overripe bananas bearing a sign that said 29 cents a pound. Sounded good to me. Then, of course, the issue is deciding what, exactly, one is to do with a gigantic bag full of overripe bananas.

The results: three dozen banana chocolate chip muffins, and one banana bread. Most of these are headed for the freezer. It doesn't sound like that much, I realize, but it sure took a whole lot of time to bake that much.

And, really, something that takes up a whole lot of time is what I'm looking for right now. Not that I want to waste time, you realize; it's only that my options are somewhat limited. Due to ... well, silliness that I will not detail here, I still do not have my car. Rumour has it that I can pick it up tomorrow. Rumour has been wrong before. Rumour failed to mention that certain people at the dealership act as if they forgot I bought said car. So, still stuck here and still unemployed.

In other news, the short story that I'm writing is currently kicking my ass. This story has kicked my ass once before--in fact, it is the last story that I attempted to write at the end of last summer before I found myself unable to write anything at all. It was my final descent into darkness, you could say (but only if you're feeling particularly melodramatic).

"You are going to be a story," I tell it. "A good story. You will have a beginning, a middle, and an end." It seems to want to disagree, but I am bigger than it, and I exist outside of my own brain and computer screen (at least, we assume so). I am determined to win this.

I am writing in bits and pieces, and deleting just a bit slower. Progress. Still, I am something approaching frustrated. I get a paragraph or two, and then nothing. A sentence, a snippet of dialog, a neat phrase, then nothing. I remember the days when "inspiration" meant something other than three lines at a time. I'm hoping to find that mental space again. In the mean time, I continue.

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