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Monday, June 30, 2003
Fantastic Weekend

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend! I finally got to spend some time hanging out with Sarah--it's been way too long since Ad Astra--chatting about writing and stories and funny movies and kittens and life and anything and everything else. We went out to see A Mighty Wind, and played with her new kitten Pyewacket, and ended the weekend by going to a SF party at Rob Sawyer's house. Rob throws a great party, and there were some great people there. Good food, better conversation, and--somewhat surprisingly--no ill after-effects from sitting for about seven hours on the floor.

I haven't had this much fun in ages. Even the things that didn't go as planned were great. Bakka ended up being closed for the Gay Pride Parade, so no books for me, but the walk down the very crowded Yonge Street was fun anyway (it seems that everyone who shows up for Gay Pride events have a fantastic time) and I got some bubble tea.

Even the drive home was fun. 102.1 was having their Sunday night retro thing going on, and mixing and re-mixing all these wacky eighties songs together into what seemed like one incredibly long song. Sounds terrible, and perhaps it was, but sure gave me something to sing to as I flew down the almost-deserted, construction-free 427. (427? Construction-free? Seems impossible! Must be temporary.)

I feel relaxed again, ready to write, to read, to run and clean and make plans. But first, I think, is lunch.

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