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Monday, June 09, 2003
Happy Geekiness

Went yesterday to see Spellbound, the documentary film about young people competing in the National Spelling Bee. (The first time that I've been to the movies since New Year's Day, when I saw Adaptation. Too, too long.) Yes, it's true--this is a strangely fascinating film. It was a little glimpse into a whole new world of geekiness and obsession, and I loved it. (I am, after all, well acquainted with SF geekiness in all its many forms, and some variations on computer geekiness, but spelling geekiness is totally new to me.)

It also made me shockingly aware of how bad a speller I am. I am one of those people who if you said, "For her birthday, let's get Karina a L-I-F-E, because she is so B-O-R-I-N-G," it'd take me a few moments of sketching words with my finger before I'd be able to reply, "Hey!" I also have misspelled most words in this entry that contain more than about six letters. Such is life.

And speaking of geekiness, I long for an appropriately geeky shirt. Sure, I have my Clarion shirt and an Asimov's SF shirt, but neither of these is as bold and appropriate a statement of my happy geekiness as I'd like. I mean, Clarion-shirt comes close … except that one only makes sense to a very select group of people. Pity. And M'ris keeps getting cool shirts from Think Geek, and while I appreciate a lot of these shirts, none of them express quite my style of geekiness.

Perhaps I'll just have to give in and have Carly make me a shirt that says SF WRITER GEEK and be done with it.

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