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Thursday, June 26, 2003
[I attempted to publish this at about 11:30 last night, but Blogger was down. I attempted to post this morning, but my internet connection was down. Bugger. It's just that sort of week.]


Ah, lovely day. Today, when I checked the temperature late in the afternoon (when it was already noticeably cooler than midday), it was 33 degrees C, which felt like 42 with the humidity. Now that's more like it!

Course, my poor Tia isn't having a very fun time of it; she's currently lost somewhere within the masses of her own fur (as evidenced by the picture below). I know that my little dog is in that gigantic fluff ball ... it's only a matter of finding her.

Generally, I am sinking into a happy state of summery loveliness--a state in which it is almost easy to ignore pending financial difficulties, lack of employment and the rest. Various unplanned events today have prevented any writing thus far (though the night is still young), but I've generally been puttering along nicely. No rocketing word-counts, but I am content; if I was flying along at a few thousand words a day, I'd be hitting some walls at a dangerous speed. As is, I'm having a good time twiddling and pondering and slowly working things out, as the story slowly unfurls. Not sure what I'm dealing with yet, exactly, but am having a good time anyway.

My computer/email/internet time has been sadly lacking over the last few days, though. The cable modem has been going offline with startling frequency. Yesterday I couldn’t keep it working for more than about five minutes at a time. Drove me batty, until I just gave up.

I also went to my first baseball game on Monday. It's crazy: I've lived for about 19 years within a 45 minute drive of the Sky Dome without ever having gone to a baseball game. (Er ... though some of those years, I think, I lived within a 45 minute drive of where the Sky Dome was going to be built in the future. Not sure; I'd have to check that one, and I don't really feel inclined to do so at the moment.) The weather was gorgeous and the dome was open. I was thoroughly entertained, and much enjoyed the fact that the Blue Jays won the game 13-4. Ha! Take that, Baltimore! (And I'm sure their most superior performance was due solely to my presence. Of course.)

I'd like to go see more games this summer, I think, so if you're in or going to be visiting TO and want to go see baseball games with me in seriously cheap seats, let me know.

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