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Tuesday, June 10, 2003
What Do I Do With No Computer?

So, day three with no computer and counting. The theory was that I'd have parts from my old computer, parts lying around the basement and a few new parts put together into something that was bigger, faster and better than my old computer. Good theory. In reality, however, it means that I have a non-working computer and a whole lot of parts. Sigh. I am doing my best not to feel irritated or frustrated, because I really would like to have a faster computer, and one that is not constantly telling me that the hard drive is full. That would be nice. But I feel very limited not having a computer. And moments like this one, where I can borrow someone else's, are unfortunately too rare.

However, it does mean that I have a lot of time for other things. I mowed the lawn, despite the fact that the lawnmower was leaking gas for a while. It looked bad, but stopped, and nothing exploded so that's good. I also completely cleaned New Car, and used sealer and polish and wax, a process that took around three hours. But my, my is New Car looking good. And I've had some good reading time, too. Picked up a birthday copy of Kushiel's Dart, and though it started somewhat slowly (as I'd been warned) it's turned into something far more interesting than I expected.

And who knows, maybe by 11 PM or thereabouts I can actually do some writing. We shall see.

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