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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Why I Hate Things of An Undisclosed Nature

I received word from Marissa late yesterday Why I Hate Aliens won't be published by Jintsu E-texts after all. Apparently something personal of an undisclosed nature has caused Eggplant Productions to go on hiatus, at least. So it's not as if the anthology is singled out, and theories of its doomed nature are far too pessimistic.

As I said to M'ris, I feel bad worrying about an anthology when something could be very wrong with Raechel (who I don't know well personally, but who I like and respect on a professional level), and yet I'm worrying about the anthology.

I'm also stifling the desire to edit my story. It's written, it's sold, why mess with it? And yet writer-brain whispers to me, "Oh, but it could be so much better ..." And what gets me is knowing that writer-brain is right. Stupid writer-brain. Can't we just write something else instead?


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