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Monday, July 14, 2003

My email is not bouncing. Nor am I receiving it. Rather, select pieces of mail are disappearing into a great, empty Void at a somewhat alarming rate.

First, I thought that Sarah had no time to borrow someone's computer to send mail. Or maybe that she hated me. Turns out, she was sending me mail, some of which contained rather important, timely info, and I was just never getting it. Goddamn, I thought, but also thought that this problem was something limited to email from Sarah. It appears that that is not so.

This morning I received an email from John Cullen at Far Sector SFFH saying basically, Hey, sent you an acceptance a while ago and haven't heard from you. Please say something soon or the acceptance is cancelled.

Goddamn again, I thought. How much of my mail is disappearing without me noticing it? And this was important ...

Wait. Wait. An email ACCEPTING my story? Aaaah!

Far Sector SFFH is buying "Loving the Bomb"!!

Needless to say, I sent an email back right quick saying, "I'm sorry, but whatever you do, DON’T CANCEL THE ACCEPTANCE!"

So now the question is, if even acceptances can disappear into the Void, what else am I losing without knowing it? Who else is waiting for me to respond to a message that I never received? And it’s probably my fault, too. My Yahoo inbox has been running pretty consistently over 90% full for about the last two months. Time to start seriously deleting.

Also, I've sold the impossible-to-sell story. I so kick ass!

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