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Monday, August 11, 2003
Am I Counting Right?
Or, Karina Finds a Cookie

All day, I have felt elated. Excited. I keep going back to Strange Horizons to make sure that yes, that really is my story, and yes, it really is published, and yes, real people--people that I don't know--are reading it. And I keep saying to myself, "Okay, yes, this is good and yay, story's published, but what the hell?" This is not my first published story, so why do I feel like dancing?

And I realized that no, it's not my first published story. It's my second.

For all the stories that I have accepted (oh yes, how staggering the numbers) this is the first one to see print since "How to Kill the Sun," which (need I remind you?) I wrote when I was 17.

So forgive me my excitement and foolishness; ignore me as I giggle to myself over here in my corner. I may act jaded at times, and try to pretend that I'm an old pro, but truth is I'm just some Canadian newbie and this is my beginning.

Ooh, look, a cookie!

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