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Monday, August 25, 2003
As the Phones Fall Silent...

Today, a woman was particularly rude to me. Details are unnecessary. What is important is to know that I had already explained that no one in this office took care of the area of her concern and had given her the correct number. All very calmly and politely. At which point she snapped and yelled at me.

I understand frustration. Truly, truly I do. And yet why yell at someone who has just said that they have nothing to do with your problem? Someone who has not even met the people responsible, does not know them, not even their names. Why not simply yell out the windows? Why not scream at passing cars that you are angry, that people are jerks, that you want them all to pay? Why not open the phone book at random and yell at whatever hapless person happens to answer the phone?

It would be just as productive as yelling at me.

All day I have been thinking of that woman. Not that I’m worried or fretting or even particularly bothered; it’s just ... I want to think better of people. And some days people have other ideas.

As I sit and think and type, I realize that I want to be one of those carelessly articulate people, a girl who speaks cleverly and quickly without thought or hesitation, speaks as easily as they breathe. I have my moments, but they are few and rarely involve phones.

So, home now, or to whatever house I will call home for this evening, to rest and sleep and read and perhaps eat something lovely and not answer the phone. No, not even once.

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