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Thursday, August 21, 2003
Boring News
Or, An Interesting-Sounding Title Failed to Present Itself

So, we may all assume that I am busy, that I am slightly frazzled, that I don't know where most of my belongings are, that I am tired. These things go without saying, yes? Yes. Good thing that I said them anyway.

My bad news is that I appear to be getting a cold. At first I thought it was only allergies--after all, I am staying in the basement of a house with a cat. Reactine can only do so much. A stuffy nose is to be expected, right? But last night I started going downhill and this morning I was suspicious, and now I am sure: it's a cold. Definitely a cold.

Not that I'm surprised. After all, I do seem to get sick anytime I get stressed and I think that now counts. And, of course, there is worldcon. I was sick last time I attended worldcon, so why not this time? My hope is that I will be better before then.

I can't even blame this one on Kelly Link. I always get sick when I'm around Kelly, and it is so nice to have someone to blame. So to speak.

Right now, though, I am afraid of losing my voice. Seeing as I am currently the lone switchboard operator, I really, really hope that doesn't happen. It feels like it will, though. I am trying to speak softly, and further back in my throat (if that makes any sense), both of which seem to help a little. I do so hate whispering on the phone.

In other boring news, the worm/virus keeps filling my inbox. The other day my inbox was 114% full because of the bloody thing. I am not pleased. I am, however, working. So back to that.

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