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Friday, August 08, 2003
Cake and Pie?
Or, Karina Obsesses About Food While Waiting to Go Home

I appear to have been forgotten. How could they have forgotten me, the Switchboard Goddess, Queen of Calls, Manager of Directing Incoming Communications? (I just made myself a signature line that says that. I am easily amused.) I am ready to speak to them--anyone in the whole building!--whenever they dial 0. And yet do they remember to bring me cake? No-oo. Okay, well one woman did, and I like her muchly; she brought me the aforementioned mocha cake, which was lovely in oh so many ways. But that was my only cake today. And today was supposed to be cake day!

Yes, I am actually complaining about getting only one piece of cake today for free.

However, I did get a lovely free cookie from the cafeteria and last time I was there there were two gigantic pieces of blueberry pie waiting for a home. (And we need more blueberries, right M'ris?) Now having eaten one piece of cake and one cookie, on top of my normal lunch, I am not exactly starving. I do not need a gigantic piece of blueberry pie. But let me tell you, if at 5:00 when I'm leaving there is any pie there, I am so taking it home with me.

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