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Friday, August 22, 2003
Downed Trees

There was a hell of a storm last night, switched off the power for a moment and took out my alarm clock (luckily I was still awake and reset it), and all morning I have been getting calls about trees. Downed trees, tree branches, trees that look like they might fall down sometime in the future, dead trees, trees on powerlines -- you get the picture. And nearly all of the callers sound hesitant, almost as if they're embarrassed to be calling, certainly no one else has a downed tree or here's a funny story for you or do you possibly know who would take care of this, it's just so strange how this tree...

And I am drugged up right now, and still not feeling fantastic, and am sounding funny even to myself. My voice sounds like I'm somewhere between soft-spoken and in need of medical assistance. Or maybe just terrifically apathetic, calm to an unnerving degree.

Last night my Oma and Opa came down so we could look at New, Currently Unfit for Human Habitation House (which still earns its name, to our dismay) and then got me some lovely cold medicine. This is the crazy strong kind of Sudafed that ... did I ever tell the story about how I took too much cold medicine? Not sure whether that was when I was journalling/blogging or not. Hmm. At any rate, this is the kind that I overdosed on once, and it really is fantastic so long as I don't take too much. I'm not that big a person and "Extra Strength" is a whole lot of strength for me. Still, fantastic stuff. Woudln't be at work without it.

Overdid it though, trying to kill flies and doing the mail and all, so I'm dragging right now. Looking forward to my lunch, which is -- right now, as a matter of fact. More later, I suppose.

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