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Thursday, August 14, 2003
Explanation/Excuse/Piteous Whining

I have just been totally overwhelmed these last few days. Working all day, packing most of the evening, falling terribly, horribly behind on email and everything else. I haven't been getting enough sleep. I'm running through some rather serious emotional highs and lows -- some great, exciting reactions to "Drowned Men" that have me really pleased, and Worldcon coming up, in combination with leaving my house and not knowing where I'm going to be or where my belongings will be or how or when I'm going to move to the apartment, never mind New House, and needing to work and get more hours in an attempt to cover my tuition, and -- yes. I'm going in about 16 directions at once.

Luckily, my boss is wonderful and gave me tomorrow off, no hassles, no questions, no problem. And so now it seems like yes, I may actually be able to pack the rest of my stuff in time, and maybe get some sleep, and then deal with everything else later. Somehow.

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