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Monday, August 18, 2003
Or, Moonlight Sleeping on a Midnight Lake
Or, Paul Simon is Going to Kick My Ass if He Ever Meets Me
Or, Oooh, Imagine I Met Paul Simon

Ah. Some minor craziness today here at switchboard, but nothing totally unexpected. The predicted hydro worries, the people calling to ask if they really, really have to use less water, some minor failures/generator quibbles, but all in all a pretty unremarkable day. I'm pretty shocked that it's almost time for me to go home. Now keep your fingers crossed, everyone, that I drive to the right place...

I have been singing Paul Simon's "Homeless" all day (at least I think that's what it's called; I'm not an expert, just a crazy fan of Graceland). "Homeless, homeless, moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake ... Hello, Town of Caledon? Switchboard, may I help you?" That and that U2 song "One," though I know the source of that one: car radio on the drive in. I'm a big fan of that song ... just not when it's sung by U2. Am not a U2 fan, for no reason that I can readily identify. They just bother me. But "One" sounds fantastic when sung by Michael Stipe. So let's just say that that's the version that I'm singing and everyone will be happy.

Oh, and "Summer of 69" as sung by Brian Adams has made numerous appearances today, too. Must be the car radio. Damn that car radio, anyway.

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