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Saturday, August 16, 2003
Karina of No Fixed Address

Still breathing. Against all odds.

You know how there's that saying "If your character needs to leave town, steal their bus money"? Something about not making things too easy for characters, upping the tension, all that lovely-good stuff. Well, in my case it's "If Karina has to move when her family's house and her apartment are not ready yet, and she has not packed all of her belongings by the day before her move, turn off all the power for two days, remove all water pressure, and have it be the hottest day of the year."

Oh fun. Such fun.

Power was out from somewhere around 4:00 Thursday to about 11:30 Friday. And because of our (former) house's location at the top of what is locally known as The North Hill, no power meant no water. We could get a trickle out of the kitchen or laundry room taps, but upstairs ... nothing. No shower, no cold water to drink. No power means no cold anything to drink. And then when we did have power, we had to unplug the fridge!

Insanity. Total insanity. Thursday night I was trying to pack by candlelight. Friday I was up and packing by 6:30 in the morning and did not stop working practically all day. Packing, moving, hauling, cleaning, trying very hard to keep breathing (have it on good advice that I must keep breathing), trying not to melt, keep working. At one point I collapsed in my empty room on the floor and just lay there for a few minutes, and realized that it was the first break I'd had after 12 solid hours.

And, of course, when it came time to empty everything out of the basement ... the power went off again.

I was up and working until about 11:30 at which time we had to temporarily abandon some belongings in the garage and drive to my grandparents' house to sleep. Oh, sweet sleep.

Still feeling mighty scattered (as you might have noticed from this entry), still mighty behind on ... well, everything, but I now officially do not live in Bolton anymore. For the first time in 20 years. It's very strange.

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