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Friday, August 08, 2003
Pie Update

There was no pie for me. I think that the cleaning woman put the pie and any other uneaten/untaken free food back into the cafeteria fridge, behind locked doors. Now we are on good, chatty terms, but I didn't want to go interrupting when she's in the middle of cleaning the bathrooms to say, "Hey, um, is there any more of that pie, and maybe can you go get it for me? My only sugary dessert-food today has been some cake and a cookie, so I really need that pie, you know?"

Course, it just occurred to me that the pie could have been in the non-locked, very ordinary cafeteria fridge, waiting for me in chilled darkness.

Oh pie, why did I have to leave you behind??

(This has gone so far downhill it's unbelievable.)

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