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Friday, August 22, 2003
To Say Nothing of the Cold

Took more cold medication and am feeling functional again. (Hope it lasts for my two-hour drive to the cottage...) And the switchboard gods are being good to me right now, and I only have another ten minutes of work, so things are good.

In the packing-moving-homelessness thing, To Say Nothing of the Dog got sort of pushed aside, but I dug it out of its box and have been reading over my breaks. Yes, I like Connie Willis. I like that I can predict what's going to happen just often enough to feel cocky, and then she twists everything around and I am shocked and surprised and a very happy reader. I still think I like Doomsday Book best, even though it's rather dark (maybe because it's rather dark?), but this one is fun, too.

Last weekend I actually read some Romance novels, and will have to talk about that soon. Just want to be thinking clearly again, and have enough time to put down some thoughts in some sort of coherent manner. Which I am having difficulty with right now. Obviously.

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