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Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Weekend, In Brief

This was supposed to be my fun weekend post, and it was supposed to be written yesterday. Oops. Being sick does mess with one's schedule.

Still, recent headaches, stomachaches and feelings of general wrongness aside, it was a fun weekend. Thomas and I had a great time, first visiting with Sarah, then visiting with Genevieve, then just hanging around and chatting and watching Donnie Darko (yet again) and laughing and being silly. We are smarter than we were at Clarion, and funnier, and better writers; we were entertained by the sheer force of our own coolness. Course, the weather was pretty bad all three days of this lovely-fun long weekend--rain first, then more rain, then some fog, then briefly sun, and then rain, rain, rain. There was no CN Tower trip, that's for sure; no baseball game.

There was lots of talking about writing, though, and publishing, and reviews and publications and workshops, and though I actually had a few very low writing-related moments over the weekend (no fault of Thomas', I must add) I ended up feeling like I have to sit my lazy self down and do more writing. Hanging around with writer-friends usually does that to me.

Course, now I'm writing this in bits and pieces, spending the rest of the time lying restlessly in bed, and writing is not very easy. I should work on that short story I've been thinking about. I should work on the project-in-progress. I should have a nap.

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