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Friday, September 26, 2003

Oh, sweet lord, thank you--I HAVE INTERNET ACCESS!!

Okay, well, I almost have internet access. Carly has access, and I am paying for half of said access, and we're going to network this stuff soon, and Carly's room is all of three steps away from mine, so it's really the same thing. Me. On the internet. FINALLY!

It was badness for a while there. I had use of a borrowed AOL account for a little while there, and then even that was cut off, and the computers at the York library wouldn't let me check my email or anything, so... Plus, I was receiving so damn many email-attachment viruses that my spam inbox was overflowing and pretty much all my real email was bouncing. I know of at least two email messages that bounced, and there are likely very very many more, so if I don't respond to you I probably didn't get it. Or I don't like you.

In other news, I got over the very nasty cold mentioned in the last entry. However, I caught the less-bad-but-still-yucky cold that my parents had, meaning that I'm still sick. Attempting to get better.

While sick, I kept right on reading. I will not be overwhelmed!

Wow, this is disjointed. Okay, just one more announcement. I wrote that story. Working on the thing for a year and a half, as I said, and now the first draft is done. "I Breathe" is a grand total of 2,700 words. I had to delete a lot of cool stuff to make it work, and I'm not even totally sure that it DOES work (have to send it out to some people who feel like crititquing for me...), but it's a story. At last.

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