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Tuesday, October 14, 2003
damn if i can think of a title

Oh, thank the lord. Today I met with the professor of one of the classes I had last year to see about having her supervise my independent reading course that I suddenly need to graduate. I’d been worrying about this--not just the whole "I have four days left to pull this off or I’m screwed" aspect but about asking her in particular, simply because she’s one of the busiest faculty members there, period. But she likes me, and would like to work with me, and so has found a way to squeeze this into her schedule.

Huge sigh of relief.

I haven’t been talking about this "ineligible to graduate" issue much, but that isn’t to say that I haven’t been worrying about it. Constantly. Now not all the crucial papers have been signed yet, but I’m so very close. All I have to do now is work up a description of my made-up course, decide what I’d like to read and when, and how I’d like to be marked, and hand everything in. (For those who are wondering, I did decide to do a course on Young Adult Fantasy Novels--that’s what I’m naming my course, in fact--so if anyone has any recommendations for good YA fantasy books for me to read, please send them along.)

The down bit of the day is that I have a wicked headache. The kind that makes me stop in the middle of sentences and stare in confusion. The kind that has made writing this ... interesting. It’s probably because of the weather; it’s pouring with rain right now. And the fact that the landlord has turned off the heat again just as it’s gotten cold probably doesn’t help matters much. So, no more typing and internet for me. I’m going to wrap myself in a blanket, read Anna Karenina and maybe watch a little TV. That is all.

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