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Monday, October 27, 2003
Good Things Only

I have been very up and down this past week and a half, wavering between cheerful (or at least content) and wallowing in the deep pit of blackness and despair from which no light ever shines. (Unhappiness is like a black hole in that regard.) Some days you (and by you I mean me) just have to grab at anything and everything that might make you happy, and remind yourself about it with some frequency. Today, I am reminding myself of the following good things:

1. Curtains. They are thick and dark blue and block out the light. I am so, so glad to have curtains in my bedroom. I've had a bamboo blind since we moved in, but the bamboo blind is only good at night for blocking out the black square that is the window, not at stopping others from peering into my room. This was something of a concern, as my window is at eye-level. Plus, any time the security lights went on during the night (like when a raccoon would walk by, or a cat, or a car would drive down the lane) I'd jump awake. Not good. And, I admit it, I was truly sick of getting changed either in the dark or in the bathroom. (Though, really, it only takes putting one's bra on inside out once to make one sick of getting dressed in the dark.)

2. Strudel. I just ate some. It was yummy.

3. Reading YA fantasy novels. They are my rewards. I'm returning to Anna Karenina after ignoring it for about two weeks, and have The Banality of Evil: Eichmann in Jerusalem and Survival in Auschwitz waiting for my attention. Not to mention yet more of Arctic Dreams. I'm going to need a fun movie night, and soon. (Any good/fun movie recommendations, anyone? Please, take pity on me. ... And if someone recommends Schindler's List, there will be issues.)

4. I wrote a few hundred words today. It is not much, but sometimes anything feels like progress.

5. Last in the list, though very definitely not least, Fruits Basket. Sarah gave me a few episodes of this anime last time I was visiting her and it has since become the highlight of my month. I love Fruits Basket. It makes me so happy! I've even got a Fruits Basket-themed background for my computer right now, just to remind me of its goodness and make me smile. And when I'm not watching Fruits Basket, I am actively obsessing over the open Kazaa window: is the next episode done yet? How about now? Now? What about now?

If all goes well, I have half an hour until my next Fruits Basket episode is downloaded. So, until then, Anna Karenina.

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