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Friday, October 17, 2003
Good Things to Read

So yesterday evening I started reading for my brand-new YA Fantasy course. Though I only had a little while to read before going to sleep, I managed to polish the book off in short order upon waking. (Not surprising, considering the word count.) Can I just say, I love my genre? Because I do. After spending over a month so far reading pretty much anything but fantasy or science fiction, returning to SF is such a total joy.

Which isn't to say that I haven't been enjoying the other books that I've been reading--some more so than others, of course--only that there is something about reading a good work of speculative fiction that grabs me and pulls me in in a way that other books just don't. (Yes, I should rewrite that sentence but I'm too sleepy to bother.) It's fun to get lost in these books, even if the book is so short that it vanishes like a candy. Such a lovely sweet aftertaste.

And continuing this lovely-goodness, I've just been told by E. L. Chen (who also has a story in LCRW 13) that this Sunday is Canzine, which is a giant zine fair, among other things. Admission is free--zines are not. I am excited by the lure of all these potentially cool publication, and fear for my achingly thin budget if I go. And yet, how can I not attend? I ask for zines, and here they are! This is yet more encouragement for me to just get those damn essays written on Saturday so I can do something entertaining.

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