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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Where Do You Buy Lock Picks, Anyway?

So I was thinking about telling the story about what terrible locksmiths Sarah and I are, but she beat me to it (and wrote it far more entertainingly than I would have), so I'll just link to Sarah's entry instead. On more than one occasion I have said, "I'm going to get some lock picks and learn how to use the things." People have laughed at me for this; they are foolish.

The weather both yesterday and today was totally gorgeous. Seems we get some above-seasonal days as an apology for freezing us in our T-shirts last week. I have a three hour gap of time at school on Wednesdays, when I usually find a quiet corner and read; today I was able to lean against a tree and read, and then curled up and rested my head on my bag, feeling warm and drowsy and content.

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