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Thursday, October 30, 2003
Why I Should Not Write Email at 7:30 AM

So late on Monday evening, Sarah sent me an email inviting me over to watch Inuyasha on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I got the email early Tuesday morning. Now Tuesday is my busiest day of the week, with seven and a half hours of class without a break plus over two hours of commuting, so I rarely do anything Tuesday evenings other than collapse into a chair and eat snacks. However, I knew that Wednesday I was going out with Carly and her boyfriend to see Clem Snide, so Inuyasha night was going to have to be Tuesday so long as it was okay that I didn't arrive until about 8 PM. Sent Sarah an email to this effect. She said 8 was fine, which was great, and then I was out the door and hurrying to catch my bus.

The day went like this: Commute. Class, another class--ooh, a sandwhich!--another class. Commute. I got home at a bit after 7, sent Sarah an email to say that I was on my way and should be able to make it there by 8, and ran out the door again. Commute. Get off the subway, wait for streetcar. Wait for streetcar. Bugger, where is that streetcar? Wait for streetcar. I swear, I could have been there by now if I just walked. I've done that walk before. It's not a long walk. And at the rate this is taking I could have walked there and back without any--ooh, streetcar!

I arrived at Sarah's and there she was, with Pyewacket. "You do know that it's Tuesday, right?" she said to me.

I looked confused. Of course I knew it was Tuesday. Why else would I have eaten cookies for dinner? "Um, yeah," I said.

"You said that you were coming on Wednesday," she replied.

Oh. Bugger. To make matters worse, Sarah had just had her flu shot and wasn't feeling particularly good, and had just been planning on isolating herself for the evening. Oh, yes, I felt like a moron, and an inconsiderate moron at that. But it was fine, she assured me, and so we hung out and talked, and watched Inuyasha, and played with the squirrel-like cat, Pyewacket. And yes, it may be selfish of me to say, but I was really happy that everything worked out fine because more than anything I just needed a few hours to talk to someone, and laugh, and watch some good, fun anime.

She showed me the email that I'd sent her at about 7:30 that morning. I could see what I'd meant to say, really I could, but it still said that I would come over on Wednesday. I've always said that I'm not a morning person, that I have difficulty stringing together words into coherent sentences before I've been awake for at least an hour. This is just more proof.

... On the way back to the subway station, I walked instead of taking the streetcar. I was right: I can walk there faster than a streetcar. Ha! Take that, TTC!

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