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Friday, November 21, 2003
Clear, Clean Sunshine

It's funny how good news can do a lot to help banish the heaviness that is November. Course, the weather helps too, I think. Yesterday it was actually sunny for the first time in quite a while. Today it's sunny, too, and about 12 degrees C. My window is open and I feel like lying down on the floor to try and absorb all the gorgeous light that I can.

Generally, this has been one kick-ass month for me as an author. Three stories saw print this month, though thus far I've only seen one. ("Bomb" lost its bestseller status yesterday--sniff. Ah, well, all good things must come to an end.) I'm going to New House this afternoon to visit with my family, and rumour has it that at least my copies of LCRW 13 are waiting for me there. We'll have to see about Flytrap.

Yesterday I was very, very good about protecting my carpy arm (well ... until late at night, that is, when I broke down and started writing emails) and it's feeling better. The ache is very low-grade, and the muscles in my arm are relaxing again, so I've taken off the brace and am trying to be very gentle. Have to keep reminding myself that scrubbing the bathtub really isn't a good thing to do right now (and is probably what pushed the wrist over the edge, now that I think about it), and scraping down pans with a blunt knife--likewise, not such a good plan. So it seems that cleaning is out. Such a pity.

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