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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Cool News/Not Cool News

Started off the day today with some more cool news. It seems that Summoned by Destiny is going to be published in hardcover! I'm excited--I mean, come on, hardcover! That means that if I wasn't given a contributor's copy, I wouldn't be able to afford it! Hmm ... that came out wrong. It's a good thing, really. (I love hardcovers as books, and sometimes have to rouse myself from dreams of seeing a novel of mine published in hardcover, but the price tags are not kind to starving students. Unless, of course, I go to Bakka and get the cool discount...)

Anyway, for the not-cool news section of the post, it seems that I've done in my arm. Yes, my carpy arm is back, suddenly and most painfully. I know what did it, too: a combination of long periods of time typing on a laptop keyboard (I can't plug in my cool split keyboard because I don't own the appropriate adapter), waaaaay too much time wasted on the internet/solitaire while waiting for a rejection/acceptance (who knew I'd get both?), and spare time spent crocheting. I've spent a good portion of today wearing my wrist brace, which is lovely and comforting but also hard as hell to type on this keyboard with. Also, I've been using a plastic water bottle filled with hot tap water to try and relax my spasming arm muscles. (Yes, it really is a hot water bottle. There, I said the lame thing for you all, so you don't have to keep thinking it.)

So I've been doing my best to keep myself off the computer today. Shouldn't be typing now, really. I think I'll stop and type more when it's not actively painful.

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