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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
I love today. I've had enough sleep and the rest of the day stretches out before me. My tasks for today include a final polishing of "Peak of the Ocean" and then to submit it, finishing off Mauve and The Black Cauldron, and catching up on my long neglected email. And I think I'll make a batch of banana muffins.

I've actually been hard at work on "Peak" for the last two hours or so (with a break to put in a load of laundry). It's funny; this is the only story that I've written in ... let's see ... at least three years, if not more, that I'm going to submit without having had anyone but me read it. I'm a little nervous by this lack of critiquing, but it's not as if I really had any other option. My regular critiquers wouldn't even receive the story in time to comment, never mind have time to reply, and those that I would ask are either sick, incredibly busy, or, well, didn't reply. So. It's just me.

And I've done the read-aloud edit twice, and now find myself obsessing over the number of spaces after periods, which I think means that I should just submit it already. Nervous? Me? Whatever makes you think that?

Back to work.

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