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Friday, November 21, 2003
In Other News...

All the delicious cupcakes are gone. Somehow, Carly and I managed to eat all 24 cupcakes in about four days. This takes dedication, my friends, and a craving for all things chocolate. Ah, cupcakes, how I will miss you. But never fear, I will make more if only to use up the half a can of icing that's sitting in the fridge. Because if I don't ... well, that can of icing is going to be eaten one way or another, and though I am happy with being the person who ate a dozen cupcakes I don't want to be the person eating spoonfuls of icing from a can, curled up in pajamas with a knitted blanket watching reruns of The O.C. (Why? Because it could happen too easily, that's why!)

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