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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
"Peak" Response, Part Two

So you know how sometimes when you get a rejection that says something like "Wish I'd had room to buy it," you think, that's great but a full anthology is a full anthology.

Well. A few hours ago I received an email from Julie, saying that she has spoken to her publisher and they agreed that the anthology needed to be longer. There is room in Summoned by Destiny, and she wants to buy "Peak of the Ocean"! I'm going to be in an anthology, a real book!!

The moment I saw the email I knew, and yet when I read those words I gasped aloud. Much shouting, laughing and hitting of random things ensued. I can't believe it. A story written in under a week is suddenly my second professional sale. I am shocked and very, very happy.

... and suddenly realizing that I'll only have two stories to submit to the Asimov Award this year after all. And I don't mind! Hehe!

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