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Sunday, November 09, 2003
Writing, Writing

Okay, time to stop for today. I'm getting clumsy. The story total stands at 4,101 words, though I wrote considerably more today. See, the problem I often have when I make myself write when I haven't found a story's voice is that the prose just goes: So and so did this, and then they did this, and this is how this looked, and then this happened ... Blech. Very dull, and not particularly interesting to read, I assure you. But I can usually beat this into readable prose upon rewriting.

Well, there I was, writing away, when all of a sudden the story's voice blindsided me and I was off. I basically rewrote everything except for the first day's 1,200-odd words, which haven't been rewritten simply because I didn't want to stop going forward. So, in total I wrote about 4,000 words today, which isn't half bad, even if I did delete more than a thousand of them. Barely got any school-related reading done, but hey, something had to give.

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