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Thursday, December 04, 2003
Apocalypse, With Dinosaurs

About a week ago, I had a shockingly detailed series of dreams about a post-apocalyptic world that had been taken over by dinosaurs. It sounds ridiculous, I realize, and I have been wondering about the subtext of the whole thing for a while.

One of the clearest sequences took place in what had obviously been a city. It was dusk, and everything was dimmed to shades of black and grey. There were a group of us in an abandoned apartment building; it had been gutted, and little remained but bare concrete and a few odd things like torn curtains. We were a few stories up on what had been a balcony, armed and very afraid. Before we could get inside the building a dinosaur arrived, sneaking up on us from behind the cover of another building. "Rex!" someone shouted and then it was there, that massive head snaking towards us from around the corner of the building. I tried to shoot out its eyes, and failed.

The dinosaurs (and in this scene there was only the one, but in others there were more) were shockingly intellegent. They knew what we were going to do. They didn't speak english, but they didn't need to because you knew exactly what they meant as if they'd drilled the concepts directly into your brain.

And what was worse was knowing that though we were some sort of post-apocalyptic dinosaur resistance team, armed with our bizarre collection of weaponry and knowledge, there were collaborators among us. At one point, a man tried to stop me from delivering my bucket of homemade explosive liquid, but I managed to splash it across his face and escape.

I have some strange dreams, and for some reason this time I felt compelled to share. (However, despite the dream's clarity, my enjoyment of the apocalypse, and the rather odd genre obsession with dinosaurs, I doubt I'll ever make this a story.)

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