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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Eco-Challenge News

Oh. No. For a while now, I've been worried about the Eco-Challenge. I'd heard nothing, absolutely nothing, about where the race was being held this year, and by now the race should have been finished with the footage in post-production so I (and everyone else) can watch it on TV in April. As usual. But when I went to the Eco-Challenge website there was no news; it was still displaying info on Fiji. And when I went to the USA Network, ditto. Nothing. But a google search finally turned up this.

Eco-Challenge 2003 has been cancelled.

Those of you who know me (or who have read my journal/blog for long enough) can imagine my reaction. And, to some extent, I understand the reasoning. I mean, I don't want racers to die--of course not! But whether that would actually be an issue ... whether or not this action is justified ... well, I don't really have enough info to speculate. Let's just leave it at that.

But it is not all dismay and sorrow on the Eco-Challenge front. At least not for me. I just recently got home from a walk with Carly to our local branch of the TPL. She was getting a library card, finally. I was wandering. I looked through the books for sale (nothing I had to have, not even for a quarter), and scanned the SF section, and wandered over to the video rack and what was the first thing I saw? The three-volume set of Eco-Challenge Australia. Let me say that again. Eco-Challenge AUSTRALIA. This was from back in the days when it was the Discovery Channel Eco-Challenge (oh, beloved Discovery channel...). I HAVE NEVER SEEN ECO-CHALLENGE AUSTRALIA. Never!

Then I started wondering ... have I seen it? I've seen a lot of Eco-Challenges. I started to count on my fingers ... British Columbia, Morocco, Argentina ... New Zealand ... what else? hmm ... Fiji, of course, and--wasn't there one more? Oh, right! Borneo. No Australia. So I grabbed the lot of them, and they're mine, mine, MINE! HAHAHAHAHA!

... Except that the library wants me to give them back on the 17th. Bugger.

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