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Monday, December 08, 2003

6,124 words. Rain and green and the future.

I added another scene in the middle and wrote the ending. Deep breath. I wrote this one under the title "My Years Are Yours," but since I've deleted that line I'm taking it back to its original title: "Earth Bride." This is actually a story that I wrote at Clarion--or, rather, I wrote a story based on the same general idea. Seaching through my old journal entries I realized that it was here, the second story that I mention writing. It's true--I never did hand it in, and rightfully so. Here's hoping that this new version is not quite as terrible.

Well, if it took me a year and a half to write "I Breathe," and it is messy and flawed, and a week to write "A Prayer of Salt and Sand" and it's good, so perhaps "Earth Bride" is fantastic. (Yeah, right.)

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