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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
The first major scene of "Ohntai" is finished, at the story stands at a total of just over 1,700 words. Go me. Not sure whether I'll plow forward a bit more or wait until tomorrow to continue. The kitchen scene is a short scene, so maybe tonight, if I get back to it before The Daily Show starts.

Tonight was supposed to be my movie night. I was planning on walking down to Blockbuster and finding myself some movies--after all, there are far too many movies that I want to see and have never found the time to rent. But it seems a bit late for that now. Ah, well. Yesterday was a good movie day, anyway. Sarah and I went to see Love Actually, which I really enjoyed. Funny and sweet and everything that I'm looking for in a romantic comedy. (I'm just glad that I couldn't hear the whispering girls who sat beside Sarah in the theatre, because the few moments of listening to them talk in the bathroom was enough to make me grind my teeth together.) And then there was Inuyasha, which is always excellent, and the occasional sarcastic commentary by Sarah, Nathaniel or myself was always welcome. After all, we're funny people ... in many senses of the word.

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